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Our templates can be used with Elements 6 and up, but keep in mind that Elements does things a little differently than full Photoshop.  We've tried to create workarounds so that you get full Photoshop functionality out of Elements. More details are below.

ungroup layer sets

Some of our templates have layers that have been grouped to keep the layers palette nice and tidy. Elements doesn't allow you to ungroup layer sets, which can sometimes prevent you from being able to change text or colors on layers that have been grouped. Below is an effect that you can install that will allow you to ungroup those layers and access them – again, this is especially important if you want to change colors or alter text. Just select the layer grouping in the layers palette and play the "ungroup" effect.


Click Here to See a Quick Video Showing How the "Ungroup" Effect Works

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add an image


You don't need this effect to add your images to our templates – but it will make the process a little quicker.  Just select the "Photo #?" layer in the layers palette for where you want to add an image, then double click the "Add A Pic" effect.

Click Here to See a Quick Video Showing How the "Add a Pic" Effect Works

replace an image

Ever change your mind about which image you wanted to use? Easily switch it out by selecting the layer of the image you want to switch out, then double click this "replace image" effect.  Switch out the image as many times as you'd like!

Click Here to See a Quick Video Showing How the "Replace Image" Effect Works


Due to the digital nature of our products, no refunds can be given.  Please email with any questions prior to purchase.

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